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Feb 252011
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Integrated with Windows Explorer, xTyFileCrypter allows you to encrypt files and folders



Integrated with Windows Explorer, xTyFileCrypter allows you to encrypt files and folders with a right click inside Windows Explorer. You can use it to encrypt a large number of files, compress and pack them into a single stardard ZIP archive. Once the files are encrypted, you can safely send them through email or other electronic transmission.


  • 256-bit Rijndael, HIPAA-compliant encryption
  • Integrated with Windows Explorer
  • Encrypt files without running a program
  • Free decryption program
  • Encrypt files and folders into a single package

Encrypt Files
Step 1. Select Files & Folders

Select the files and folders that you want to encrypt. (Hold down the Ctrl key to select multiple files.)

Right-click the files. Select Encrypt under xTyFileCrypter from the popup menu.

Step 2. Set an Encryption Key
If you haven’t entered an Encryption Key before, you will be prompted to create one as shown below.

TIPS: As you do with choosing a password, pick a strong key, and a name that is easy to remember but not related to the key itself.

Step 3. Encrypt Files
Verify that the key shown is the one you would like to use to encrypt the files. Use the Change button to change the key if not.

If you click Encrypt, each file that you selected will be encrypted separately.If you click Zip & Encrypt, all the files that you selected will be archived, compressed and then encrypted into a single file. This is commonly used if there are more than one files to be encrypted and attached to an email.

Step 4. Archive Name

In the previous step, if you clicked Zip & Encrypt, all the files and folders you selected will be archived, compressed and encrypted into this single archive file.Choose a name for the archive file and click OK.

If you check the box Destroy the original files after they are archived, the original files will be deleted automatically

Step 5. Files Encrypted
The files are now seen as encrypted.

Decrypt Files
Step 1. Select File to Decrypt

Locate the file that you want to decrypt in your computer.If you received an encrypted file in email, you need to save it first as you would normally do to save an email attachment.

Step 2. Right-click It
Right click it and select Decrypt under the popup menu xTyFileCrypter.

Step 3. Enter Key
Enter the key used to encrypt the file. If you received the file from someone else, the sender need to tell you the key in order to decrypt the file.

You may want to use the Key Name as a hint to tell what is the required key.

Step 4. File Decrypted

If you entered the required key correctly and the file is not a package, the file should have been decrypted by now.If the file is a package that contains multiple files or folders, you will see the list of content as shown below.

Select the desired files and click Extract Selected, or simply click Extract All to decrypt all the files in the package


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