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Feb 032011
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Internet Dictation Software

Web based dictation recording, editing and management



Web Dictate is an Internet dictation system that allows users to record, edit and send dictation from any Java enabled web browser on Windows or Mac OS X computers and even on a portable device, such as an iPhone or SmartPhone.

This web based dictation server is ideal for large organizations such as schools, hospitals and laboratories where computers are not assigned or for companies with remote or travelling staff. Web Dictate can also accommodate a single user and is available with a “User” license for individuals or a “Site License” for up to 10,000 users.

Simply install Web Dictate on a Windows based computer and add users. You then provide the server address (URL) to the users and they log in via their web browser.

Web Dictate is one program in the NCH Software dictation software suite.


Web Dictation Recording Features

  • Lets you record, edit, play and manage dictation over a network or the internet using a Web Browser.
  • Web Browser editing includes record, play, insert, overwrite and append.
  • Record to WAV or our own DCT audio format (allows sender info and encryption).
  • Recording can be encrypted (HIPAA compliant) for privacy and security (DCT audio format only).
  • Ability to ‘dock’ dictations so even if you don’t record with Web Dictate, you can still use it to transmit recordings to your typist.
  • User-friendly web based interface which is intuitive and easy to use.

Users, Recipients and Administrators

  • Almost unlimited number of users (10,000) can be setup on the one Web Dictate server.
  • Users individual profiles can be set to send to a default recipient or a specific typist/destination.
  • Each user can have numerous files save on the server (limited only by hard drive space).
  • Multiple recipients can be added with individual send to properties.
  • Recordings are sent directly to a typist immediately by email, over an ordinary computer network or via FTP.
  • Typist can install the free Express Scribe Foot Pedal Controlled Transcription Player.
  • All file access is securely password protected.
  • Integrates with Express Delegate Dictation Workflow manage.



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