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Feb 262011
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Sylcount IV-Gold

A full featured professional counting software package



Sylvan’s premier document line count software program is designed to meet the needs of the most discriminating medical transcriptionists. Sylcount IV Gold includes a new & improved user Interface, new Ease of Use features, and a extensive on-line Help system that will continue to make Sylcount the industry’s favorite line / character / word count software program. And Sylcount IV Gold incorporates Sylvan’s latest character counting technology for Microsoft Word documents.

Sylcount IV has been designed specifically to reduce the time and aggravation associated with counting documents and billing for work performed. Sylcount IV is a companion tool for Microsoft Word.

Sylcount IV Gold counts your Word documents without saving in any special format. Further, Sylcount can now directly produce a professionally formatted Invoice right in Microsoft Word !!

Sylcount is the most popular and widely used line, character, word counting software utility on the market today. Sylcount IV Gold is a counting and logging program like you’ve never seen before! Sylcount IV Gold counts all the things you’ve been asking for! Saves time by counting your documents and documenting your counts. You tell Sylcount how and what you want it to count. Simply select the files you want it to count. Count files in multiple directories and include them in your counting session. You tell Sylcount whether you want it to count lines, pages, characters, words, tabs, spaces, indents, headers, footers, hard returns, underlines, font changes, footnotes, bold and capatalized characters, superscript, subscript, italics, shadows & small caps. You can define what equals a character, line or word. Save a different counting configurations with different billing rates for each account and retrieve them again with the click of a button.


  • Directly counts .Doc and .RTF files with no manual saving to a special format
  • Easy recall of Options for each client by the client’s name
  • Stores default document directory paths for Each client
  • User defined Rules for counting Lines, Words or Characters through an improved Wizard interface
  • Options for counting character Formatting, such as bold, italic, underlining, font changes, and lots more, to approximate keystroke counting.
  • Count all lines that contain Any visible characters
  • Calculate Document Lines by dividing Total Characters by a standard number
  • Include / Exclude Spaces, Tabs, and Returns for line calculations
  • Include / Exclude Document Headers and Footers (Page 1 Only)
  • Include / Exclude Footnotes and Endnotes
  • Improved selection of Files to count from one or several directories
  • Report Style or Invoice Style outputs directly in Microsoft Word
  • Choose between Filename, full Pathname, or Document Title to identify each file in a Report or Invoice
  • Options to insert document properties into a Report or Invoice including Title, Author, Subject, or Category
  • Automatic creation of formatted Invoices including your return address as well as your client’s address
  • Includes Tab Delimited Report type output for interfacing to spreadsheets and other programs
  • Automatic billing calculations for each document and totals for the Report or Invoice
  • Fast, easy User Interface



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