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Feb 262011
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Universal Abbreviation Expander Software

A text storage and transfer utility designed to work concurrently with other Windows applications.



SpeedType Medical Transcription Software is a text storage and transfer utility designed to work concurrently with other Windows applications. SpeedType allows you to represent frequently used words, phrases and keystrokes with a much shorter command or keyword. Instead of typing the word or phrase, you type the keyword or short form followed by the space bar or punctuation key and SpeedTypewill insert the text directly into the target application. With SpeedType Medical Transcription Software, you can also define shortcut keys (for example, Ctrl+Alt+C) to quickly play back pre-defined text or keyboard macros. SpeedType is not limited to transferring static text. You can embed special fields (“tags”) such as input fields, and pick lists and date fields that allow you to dynamically change the text to be transferred. The program also allows creation of multiple macro lists. The keyword will allow up 32 characters for its name and the long form will allow up to 9 pages of text per one entry. It’s limitation is only based upon the hard drive disk space of the PC. This is a powerful Windows based application.

SpeedType transcription software uses the Windows hooks mechanism to monitor and insert characters into the Windows keyboard message queue. Virtually all Windows GUI (Graphical User Interface) applications uses the standard Windows keyboard message queue and SpeedType transcription software should work well with these applications.


Benefits of SpeedType Medical Transcription Software

  • Increase your production by 60% without increasing your typing.
  • Increase your salary without increasing your work load.
  • Make your typing world a little more fun and exciting.
  • Easy Transition to upgrade of word expander program.

How does SpeedType transcription software work?

You start SpeedType transcription software as you would any Windows application. SpeedType transcription software waits in the background until you need it. You start your word processor and begin typing normally. SpeedType transcription software will automatically expanding abbreviations as you type. If you need to bring up SpeedType, you can simply press a pre-defined hot key (normally F10 unless you changed it) and SpeedType transcription software pops up and takes control. You can then specify the text you want SpeedType transcription software to type for you by entering a keyword or using the mouse to select the text from a list. If you wish, you may edit the text before SpeedType transcription software types it into your word processor.

Difference between SpeedType transcription software and word processor’s macros:
SpeedType transcription software and your word processor’s macros have the same purpose–to reduce the number of keystrokes you need to type commonly used words. SpeedType transcription software has the advantage that it is not tied to a single word processor–you can use it with just about every Windows word processor, text editor, and even with text edit boxes within dialog boxes. SpeedType transcription software is designed to be much easier to use than the macro abilities of most word processors (which usually requires programming); much work has gone into designing a user interface that is readily usable by both touch typists and “hunt-and-peck” typists.


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