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Feb 262011
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For MTs who transcribe using MS Word

For line-counting, invoicing, encrypting, zipping & HIPAA e-mailing.



For the transcriptionist:

  • Easily create invoices, with the counting method you specify
  • Easily e-mail your work in HIPAA compliant, encrypted zip files

For the MTSO:

  • Easily invoice your clients and generate Pay Stubs on your MTs
  • Easily manage the flow of files in and out in HIPAA compliant fashion

For the office or clinic:

  • Easily unzip files (even password protected)
  • Easily print multiple files


What MPTools will do for you:

  • Create invoices and production reports
    • Select the client, and the program reads the counting method you’ve specified
    • Select the files to be included, from one or multiple folders
    • If the option to automate Word is chosen, file types can be any file type Word can open
    • Click Create Invoice.
    • Accurate line counting.
  • Compare line count methods
    • Select the file to inspect
    • MPTools shows you the results of its multiple counting methods
  • Send emails with encrypted, password protected attachments
    • Select the client
    • Specify name for attachment (or have MPTools suggest one)
    • Select the files you want included (from one or multiple folders)
    • Click Send.
  • Unzip files, even password protected ones
    • Select the zip files (from one or multiple folders)
    • Select the folder you want things unzipped to (Optional — If none specified, unzips to the folder where the zip lives.)
    • Click Unzip.
  • Zip files, applying password if desired
    • Specify filename for the zip, or have MPTools suggest one
    • Select the password by selecting the client’s name
    • Select files (from one or multiple folders)
    • Click Zip.
  • Print files
    • Select the files to be printed (from one or multiple folders)
    • Click Print.


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