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Feb 262011
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The fastest way from thought to type!

A system for very fast text entry, automatic glossaries, abbreviations without memorization, automatic phrase continuations.



Instant Text is the exciting new way for you to use abbreviations for faster, easier, and more accurate text entry. While abbreviation systems have been around for over thirty years, until now they forced you to develop and memorize glossaries with hundreds of abbreviation codes for your frequent words and phrases. Now with Instant Text this extra effort is unnecessary. No memorization required

With Instant Text you never have to remember an abbreviation, you simply enter what you think it is. Simply start by typing the first letter of the word, then add any other letter. Instantly your word and phrase options pop-up in the on-screen advisory window. Instant Text alleviates the need for memorization with one simple rule. You always start with the first letter, and can add any other letter in the order in which they appear in the word or phrase.

That’s it! That’s all you need to remember to speed through your typing with logical abbreviations.


  • Instant Text allows very fast text entry – You may have dreamed of producing documents as fast as you can think – Now, Instant Text brings you closer to that dream by letting you abbreviate almost everything you type. Simply use a few letters to instantly write complete words, phrases, and entire paragraphs!
  • Reuse your existing documents – Automatically! By reading and analyzing your existing documents, Instant Text will automatically create glossaries of your most frequently used words and phrases, which can then be typed over and over again using just simple abbreviations.
  • No memorization required – With Instant Text you never have to remember an abbreviation, you simply try what you think – Just type and see!
  • Actually continues writing for you! – Since Instant Text knows what you’ve typed in the past, it can actually predict what you’re going to type next. It’s true, Instant Text will suggest the most likely phrases to come after what you just typed in.
  • Built-In Glossaries – Instant Text V Pro comes with built-in glossaries totaling more than 150,000 entries for medical transcription, the legal profession, and general usage. Up to 25 glossaries can be active at the same time and even more can be achieved with the powerful Include Feature: You can have hundreds of thousand words and phrases immediately available at your fingertips in all applications.
  • Creates glossaries automatically – Your existing documents are a virtual gold mine! Instant Text actually reads through and analyzes the documents you already have in your computer, automatically capturing all the repetitive words and phrases. In just a few seconds Instant Text creates a glossary of your most common words and phrases allowing you to reuse them without having to completely retype them. It actually continues writing for you! Instant Text offers you the powerful continuation feature: The software automatically suggests your most common phrases which come after the words you just typed in. As a result of analyzing what you typed in the past, Instant Text can often predict what you’ll need next as you’re typing. Then simply tell instant text to continue writing it for you. No additional tying or abbreviations are necessary.
  • InstantText can import files from other expanders: PRD+, Flash Forward, QuickScript, Shorthand, Shortcut, Abbreviate, AutoCorrect, QuickCorrect, Dictaphone, DocQscript, Auto Text, Outlook Addresses, Text Files, SoftMed and more!!

How It Works
Instant Text Adjusts to Applications – Working with Instant Test is very simple: You start Instant Text and your application. Then you start typing in the application.
Instant Text automatically docks to the application – for example MS Word – and the advisories display possible expansions of what you type. If you resize MS Word, Instant Text automatically resizes itself; if you move MS Word, this moves Instant Text also. And when you switch to another application with the mouse or using Alt+Tab, Instant Text automatically docks to the new application. You can also specify application by application which glossary to use and the number of advisory lines.
Working with Instant Text is very easy. The product offers a seamless integration with all applications and links automatically to the current application. It is shown below linked to MS Word, ready to expand after typing the two letters pc:


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