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Feb 262011
HIPAA Training Program

Buy HIPAA Training ProgramHIPAA Training Program

HIPAA Privacy and Security Training

A cost effective alternative to train your employees under HIPAA requirements.


HIPAA Training Program is a cost effective alternative to train your employees concerning the Privacy and or Security Rule requirements under HIPAA.  This inexpensive program lets you create your own training program by entering only data and review questions that only applies to your organization.  No need to have your employees spend extra hours reviewing data that does not apply.  Just enter data you want them to review, develop questions to test their knowledge, then have them print out training acknowledgement forms to go in there personnel records, its that easy.  This program can be used by single doctor’s offices to large hospital organizations.  Computerize your training program with this inexpensive alternative.  Take a look and see if this might be the answer for your HIPAA Privacy and Security Training. Version 4.0 now contains an Excel type grid for tracking employee training dates using this program.

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