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Feb 252011
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Secure File Transport Utility

Automatic File Moving and Encryption Software



Customize your workflow using our flexible file movement software, GearXport. Easily transfer files automatically in the background. Encrypt outgoing work and decrypt incoming work without any effort by the user. GearXport installs on both the Transcriptionist’s PC and the author’s PC or network if encryption is desired. It automatically runs in the background pushing and pulling audio files and type documents via LAN, FTP or Email. With GearXport, moving around dictation and being HIPAA-Ready has never been easier.


  • Ease Of Use: “Rules” and “Monitor” based configuration system for ease of setup and maintenance. This allows massive flexibility in designing custom scenarios for transferring files from one location to another.
  • Hand Held Recorders: GearXport works with many different hand held recorders such as the Olympus DS3000, DS4000 UHER DH-10, Voice IT 3200 and many others. Simply plug the hand held into your computer and let GearXport do the work for you.
  • Rules Wizard: GearXport makes securely transferring files simple with the GearXport Rules Wizard. The Rules Wizard guides you step by step through setting up and configuring your secure transfers.
  • Pattern Matching: GearXport can move files based on internal details or on file names. Some of the internal details it can match are Author ID, Author Name, Work Type, and Deparent. Example you could send all of one authors work to one transcriptionist and all of another authors work to another transcriptionist.
  • Error Handling: Full logging of all transfers and customizable error handling/notification options are built in to ensure your files are not lost during the transfer process.
  • Archiving: GearXport also offers an option to keep a backup of all your work that gets sent out, so you will never have to worry about lost data.
  • Directory/Network: GearXport can move files from one folder to another across networks.
  • Email: GearXport can use MAPI (Messaging Application Programming Interface) email clients such as Microsoft Outlook  or Eudora Pro  to Send files via Email. GearXport also supports the SMTP (Simple Mail Transport Protocol) to directly connect to mail servers without additional software.
  • FTP: FTP (File Transport Protocol) is supported for file and document transfers to a wide base of installed FTP sites on the Internet.
  • Secure Transfers: GearXport to GearXport, GearXport to GearPlayer, GearXport from GearDictate, 128 bit Secure Encrypted Transfer protocols are built in. Features include secure key exchange, direct connections, and extremely fast transfer times.
  • File Converting: GearXport can convert Olympus DSS files and SRI files to Wav format so they can easily be used by your transcription software. GearXport can also Zip and unzip your files so they are smaller and take less time to transfer.
  • Demographics file: GearXport can create a demographics file that will give valuable information about the sound file such as Author ID, Deparent, Work Type and other such information.

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