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Feb 032011

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Express Delegate Dictation Transcription System

Manage the flow of dictation files – send recordings automatically or manually to typists



Express Delegate will manage audio files created by multiple users of Express Dictate and MSRS to send the recordings automatically or manually to multiple typists using Express Scribe. Managed through a web control panel, it is now even easier for a transcription company or large organization to control multiple dictation files, destinations and final typed documents.

With Express Delegate, recording are sent directly to the Express Delegate server where they will be assigned to typing pools from where a typist using Express Scribe can retrieve the audio file automatically from their application or can download it manually. Finished transcriptions can be sent and received in the same way back to the speaker.

Designed to be very easy and intuitive to use, Express Delegate will have you up and running within minutes.

Job Features

Job Features

  • Control dictation jobs through a simple web interface.
  • Sort by Priority, Age, Deadline, Speaker, Duration and more.
  • Status of jobs can be marked as Unassigned, Assigned, Transcribing and Finished.
  • Managers can edit and view dictation details.
  • Transcriptions can be uploaded directly to the web interface and are available for Speakers to download.
  • Typists can be emailed a dictation file directly when it is assigned or they can download the file from their login to the web console.
  • Jobs can be re-assigned to another typing pool or given a new priority.

Program Features

Program Features

  • Three levels of web console access including:
    • Manager (Manages users, typing pools and rules)
    • Speaker (Uploads recordings, downloads transcriptions)
    • Typist (Downloads recordings, uploads transcriptions)
  • Typists can be assigned to one or multiple Typing Pools.
  • Multiple rules can be set for Speakers, Priority of jobs and Tags.
  • Files can be sent directly to Delegate from Express Dictate (v 5.04 and above)
  • Typists can retrieve new dictations directly from Express Scribe (v 4.27 and above)
  • Recordings and final transcription documents can be uploaded/downloaded manually through the web console.
  • Reports include dictations created, transcripts finished and more, emailed to a manager on a daily, weekly or monthly basis (Plus version only).
  • Email notifications of new dictations assigned to a pool for typists or uploaded transcripts for speakers (Plus version only).


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