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Feb 242011
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HIPAA Compliant Security Program

CenturionMail is a Windows-based HIPAA Compliant encryption security utility to securely send encrypted information via email or save on computer.



CenturionMail is a powerful yet easy-to-use security program for encrypting e-mails as well as files/folders. CenturionMail uses self-decrypting technology so your recipient needs nothing to open the encrypted email except the password. Microsoft Outlook integration and administrator control tools make this the perfect email encryption software for companies. CenturionMail offers:

  • Password Manager
  • On-the-fly file encryption
  • Shredder for securely deleting files
  • More customization features
  • 256-bit encryption
  • Support for Windows 7, Vista, and XP


CenturionMail is a Windows based utility to easily and securely send encrypted information by email.  Recipients of encrypted messages receive an attachment to the email which when executed requires the user to enter a password to open it.

  • CenturionMail is seamlessly integrated in MS Outlook. One button operation within the Outlook composing window is all that is needed to send an encrypted email.  Users of other email programs can still use the program through the CenturionMail interface which calls to the default email program. Supports all version of MS Outlook including Outlook 2003.
  • Self extracting. The recipient needs nothing but the password to open the encrypted file, they do not need to download or install any software.  This is perfect for communicating with clients or customers as you don’t need to worry what software they have. Encrypted files can be sent as ZIP, CAB, or our new custom defined extension.
  • AES encryption. Now offering stronger 256 bit, open source encryption which was chosen as the standard to be used by the US government.
  • Password Manager. Securely store and manage all the passwords to be used  for various recipients. When using the Microsoft Outlook plug-in, it will pre-fill the default password for any recipient in the Password Manager. Password hints can also be saved and automatically sent.
  • Shredder. New! Securely delete files and folders either during the encryption process (deletes the non-encrypted originals) or separately.
  • On-the-Fly Encryption. Automatically encrypt a local copy of the files or folders being sent.
  • Time-bomb option. Messages can be “time-bombed” so that they can only be decrypted within a certain period.  This means that you do not need to worry about sensitive information being opened by someone at a later time.
  • Administrator can force a copy of all encrypted files to be saved in a defined location which can be opened with the administrator’s defined password.
  • Administrator can assign and lock passwords to be used by each employee. This allows companies to control the use of encrypted emails by their employees and ensures that the company can open all encrypted emails sent.
  • Customization of recipient window. Company logo or other graphics can be added to the window the recipient receives when they open an encrypted mail.
  • Administrator can enforce encryption. Administrator has option to set email so that only encrypted emails can be sent.
  • Right click on any file or folder. Can be used to send that file or folder in an encrypted email or to save it as an encrypted file.
  • Easy user interface. Guides the encryption process with or without using Microsoft Outlook as the email program.


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